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Your puppy has been vaccinated and is due in 4 weeks, the date is on your vaccination certificate, then every twelve months. Your puppy will not be fully vaccinated until the 12 weeks vaccination so be careful. If he is around other dogs do not let him sniff or lick other dogs. Ask your vet if there is any parvovirus in the area and if so, do not go to parks, beaches etc until after 12 weeks.



House training your puppy

When your puppy wakes up or has a meal make sure he has access to outside almost immediately. You must do this consistently andyou must be quite quick at times. If you see your puppy sniffing the ground it is a sign that he may need to go to the toilet, and you must get him outside. Of course, there will be false alarms, but puppies learn very quickly if you are clear about what you want. If you are determined, a puppy can be house trained in 2 weeks.




He has been wormed every 2 weeks from 2 weeks old and now will need to be wormed on the 1st of each month. We use Drontal, Panacur, and Ecovet until 2 months old and then any wormer your vet recommends.

It is a particularly good idea to change worming products as worms can build up a tolerance to the same product. He can be started on heartworm treatment immediately.


Sleeping Arrangements

Start off how you want to end so if you want the pup in your bed when it’s an adult put it in your bed as a baby if you don’t than don’t put him in. Place him in a secure place like the laundry or garage and give him a bed that is nice and warm, free from draughts.

Most puppies will cry for the first couple of nights away from the rest of the litter be strong don’t give in, give clear firm commands when you speak to the pup make sure he knows that you mean business and he must stay in there.

 Feet and nails

Your puppy will need his nails kept nice and short and if you trim regularly it is easy.  If I have not shown you how to do this, there is a good you tube clip below


Puppies bite and it hurts we have tried various techniques over the years. Recently I saw this “ouch” training video and have started to apply it to the puppies. Most “get it” quickly, others still try it on. Overall I think it’s definitely a good technique.

Dos and Don’ts

DO Remember to give your Staffy fresh drinking water.

DO Remember to provide shade for your Staffy

DO Remember to trim nails regularly.

DO Remember to cuddle your Staffy and his heart will be yours forever.

DON’T leave your Staffy in the car for any period as cars heat up quickly and he will die.

DON’T let your Staffy run up and down stairs, as this will put undue stress on growing bones.

DON’T let your Staffy jump from steps etc, as this will cause shoulder problems. 

DON’T let your Staffy run on slippery floors, eg. lino or tiles as this can cause leg and hip problems.

DON’T Let your puppy get overweight. This can cause irreparable damage to his bone structure.


Please do not hesitate to phone us if you need advice, information or just a chat about your puppy.

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