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How to avoid being SCAMMED when buying a puppy

I am so tired of hearing about people getting scammed for thousands of dollars. Even after so much media attention on this escalating issue, people are still being scammed. If this page stops one person from losing their hard earned money I will be thankful

  • Facetime with pups before you send any money. If they keep putting you off for Facetime Don’t send any money
  • If they are hassling you for the money. Don’t send any. Ethical breeders wont hassle you, they want to get to know you first to make sure you are a suitable home for their precious puppy before they take a deposit
  • If they say they can’t Facetime because they don’t have technology (some real breeders are older people) Ask for their ANKC or MDBA registration numbers



Then CONTACT those organisations and CHECK. Still don’t send any money

Scammers do steal breeders identities. ASK the organisation for an email address or phone number. Breeders who have had their identities stolen would have given permission to their registered body to have their details to be given out so you can contact them.

  • Check if the email or phone number is the same as the one the possible scammer has given you.
  • Try googling the name/s that they are advertising pups under. If they are using a registered breeders identity you might find that the contact details are different.
  • Join the Facebook scam group and ask them if they have heard of the person trying to sell you the puppy. Post the link or screen shot


OR You Contact me I am getting very good at working out if they are a scammer

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