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List of items

Some of the things you might like to have in readiness before you get your puppy home

If you are going to be crate training your puppy, a large crate

Not sure about crate training here is a helpful link https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/crate-training-101

Puppy pen is handy for placing around the crate or containing outdoors.

Food Click here to go to feeding guide

Water Bowl not plastic we use a stainless steel hanging bucket

Travel water bottle

Poop bags

Food Bowl some dogs benefit from a slow feeder bowl

Blankets or dog bed I like the ones that are machine washable (not all are)

Toys. Kong toys are indestructible great for Staffies and Frenchies. The black are the strongest

Soft cuddly toys – just make sure the eyes cant be chewed off and swallowed



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